Borislav Petrov is a jazz drummer/composer, born in Sofia, Bulgaria. He began his professional career at the age of 19 as a member of the renown Bulgarian pop/rock band – Slang, followed by a nationally acclaimed folk fusion quartet – Brainstorm.

Received his music education in the Netherlands, by completing the “New York Comes to Groningen” jazz program at the Prince Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, followed by the masters program at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, guided by both American and Dutch jazz drummers – Ralph Peterson, Owen Hart, Steve Altenberg, Joost Van Schaik, Martijn Vink and Lucas Van Merwijk.

His master research on Bulgarian folk rhythms and drumming styles: “Long And Short Beats:TheMystery of Bulgarian Rhythms” focuses on the essence of Bulgarian irregular meters and the historical development of folk drumming, as well as on ideas for expanding Bulgarian rhythms and integrating them into other styles of music. His article, based on this research was published in the prestigious Dutch Journal Of Music Theory (2012)

Among the most notable project Borislav is involved with are:

Tin Men & The Telephone – an interactive-multimedia-piano trio, based in Amsterdam.Borislav’s most successful, profitable and engaging project up to date. He has been a part of it for more than 7 years and he has contributed to all 3 studio releases of the band. Besides recording and touring, Tin Men & The Telephone are involved in important series of educational activities in schools around the Netherlands, which introduce jazz music to the youth, through the usage of interactive performance concepts and techniques. The band has been nominated for the 2016 British Jazz FM awards in the “digital initative” category.

Jazzanitza – his own project, where Petrov composes music, combining jazz with Bulgarian folklore. Renown Bulgarian musicians such as Vladimir Karparov, Dimitar Liolev and Ludmil Krumov are among his collaborators.

Jаzztory – educational concert presentations on the music and life of legendary artist from the history of American jazz. Borislav is a creator, producer and host of Jazztory.

In Bulgaria, Borislav works with artist such as:

Theodossii Spassov, Anthony Donchev, Vassil Petrov, Angel Zaberski, Dimitar Bodurov, KameliaTodorova, Dimitar Liolev, Mihail Yossiffov and many more