Five Qualities of a Perfect Drummer

There are all kinds of great drummers out there. From every generation, in any music style, from any country, we are blessed to witness a true mastery on the drum set. Yet, there are common threads in the things that make some drummers standout in the sea of drummers and therefore become more recognized and successful. Some even become legendary are are followed and copied by countless others for years and years.

There are five undeniable qualities that are seen in all great drummers to a certain extent. They all have all of them, but each in a certain amount. If all five would be developed equally, we would call that “the perfect drummer”.

These qualities are:

1. Technique

2. Groove

3. Musicianship

4. Creativity

5. Personality

In this workshop Borislav Petrov addresses all of these qualities individually, giving examples of drummers who contain one or more of them in enormous quantities and gives concepts, strategies, methods and exercises to work on each of them.

The process will keep you busy for the rest of your drumming life and this is what is so exciting about it!

Workshop video from Rahnev Music, Sofia 2016 (in Bulgarian):