Borislav Petrov is a drummer, composer, teacher and researcher. He received his musical education in the Netherlands, graduating from the American jazz program “New York Comes to Groningen”. He is a student of the legendary jazz drummer Ralph Peterson. Works in the styles of jazz, ethno-jazz, big band, fusion, world music, electronica, rock, pop, etc. The main subject of his musical research is the asymmetric rhythms in Bulgarian folk music, the drumming styles of the Balkans and their integration into various musical genres. He works with many of the important instrumentalists of the Bulgarian music scene. He collaborates with a number of musicians from Europe and the world. His discography includes 30 albums. Along with his concert activity, Borislav Petrov is also involved in music education.

He is a teacher of percussion instruments at the New Bulgarian University.

Borislav Petrov gives lectures and leads international master classes, workshops and seminars on various topics. Currently a doctoral student in the Department of “Ethnomusicology and History of Music” at the National Academy of Music “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”, Borislav Petrov investigates the drumming styles related to folk music from Bulgaria.


Jazzanitza – an author’s project in which Borislav composes music combining jazz and Bulgarian folk music. The project has three released albums and concert appearances in Bulgaria and abroad.

Folk Drummers of Bulgaria – a documentary video series dedicated to drummers and percussionists from the folklore and Roma wedding scene in Bulgaria.

The Oldie Goldies – a special formation performing swing music for lindy hop dancers. Under the auspices of Lindy Hop Bulgaria.

Asymmetronica – a musical project related to the integration of Bulgarian folk rhythms in the context of electronic music. Featuring Skiller.


 Jazz Portrait (ex. Jazztory) – Author, producer and host of these educational concert presentations on the music and life of legendary artists from the history of American jazz. (2013 – present)

Tin Men & the Telephone (2008 – 2020) Internationally acclaimed Dutch jazz trio 

Borislav has he has contributed to the firstl 3 studio releases of the band. The band has been nominated for the 2016 “Amsterdam Cultural Prize” and the 2016 British Jazz FM awards in the “digital initiative” category. The trio has conducted projects together with funds and organisations such as SERIOUS (UK), the Metropole Orchestra, Fonds Podium Kunsten, Amsterdamse fonds voor de kunst  (NL), and others. 

Renske Taminiau – singer/ songwriter, Borislav recorded 2 albums with the singer and performed at prestigious stages all over the Netherlands, such as North Sea Jazz Festival and the legendary Concertgebouw.

Amsterdam Jazz Orchestra – Amsterdam based big band, led by Israeli saxophonist/composer/arranger/educator Yaniv Nachum. Borislav contributed to 2 studio albums, one of which was released.  

Tarhana – World music band, made up of Turkish, Romanian, German, Dutch and Bulgarian musicians Performed and toured in many countries around Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. Participated in prestigious world music festivals, such as „November Music“ и „Womex“. The band continues to exist today under the name Arifa.

The Stage Band (2002 – 2006) – Groningen based big band, 5 times winner of the Dutch national big band contest.  

Artist collaborations:

Ben Van Gelder, Ruben Hein, Margriet Sjoerdsma, Miguel Martinez, Floris van der Vlught, Tony Roe, Anne Guus Teerhuis (NL).

Jonas Ganzemuller, Dennis Secretarev, Franz von Chossy, Esra Dalfidan, Susanne Alt, Phillipp Braemswig (D).

Dave Douglas, Alex Sipiagin, Simone White, Nick Paul, Jeff Koch, Leah Kline (USA).

Nicholas Simion, Alex Simu, Elena Mindru, Catalin Milea, Sebastian Burneci, Bucharest Jazz Orchestra (RO).

Theodossii Spassov, Krassi Zhelyazkov, Dimitar Liolev, Ludmil Krumov, Anthony Donchev, Vassil Petrov, Angel Zaberski, Dimitar Bodurov, Kamelia Todorova, Mihail Yossiffov, Peyo Peev (BG).  


Master of Music (2006 – 2008) – Conservatory of Amsterdam

Subject: Drums Jazz

Teachers: Lucas Van Merwijk (NL), Martijn Vink (NL)

Master thesis: „Long and Short Beats: The Mystery of Bulgarian Rhythms“. 

Bachelor of Music (2002 – 2006) – Prince Claus Conservatorium (Groningen, the Netherlands)

Study program: „New York Comes to Groningen“.

Subject: Drums Jazz

Teachers: Ralph Peterson (USA), Оwen Hart Jr. (USA), Steve Altenberg (USA).

Academic publications:

Bulgarian Rhythms: “Past, Present and Future” in Dutch Journal Of Music Theory (2012)    

Theater and TV shows: 

“THE STREET” (Bulgaria) (2015) 

Multimedia theater perforrmance based on the legendary comedy TV show by internationally recognized Bulgarian director Teddy Moskov.

„THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIFE“ (Bulgaria) (2013 – 2014)

Bulgarian TV show, broadcasted on national television, the show presented the cultural achievements and heritage in Bulgaria between the 50s and the 90s.

“PARADE”(2009) – the largest theater festival in The Netherlands, hosting the most successful art productions in the country.


The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, UK, Italy, France, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, India, South Africa, Taiwan, China, South Korea. 


A to Jazz Festival, Appolonia Festival of Music and Arts, Plovdiv Jazz Festival, Bansko Jazz Festival, Varna International Jazz Festival (BG)

North Sea Jazz, London Jazz, Amersfoort Jazz, Jazz In Duke Town, Jazz In De Gracht, Jazzfest Amsterdam, Meerjazz Festival, Mondriaan Jazz Festival, The Hague Jazz, Swingin’ Groningen (NL).

London Jazz Festival, Manchester Jazz Festival, Newcastle Jazz Festival, Gateshead Festival (UK).

Brussels Jazz Festival, Brussels jazz Marathon, Gent Jazz Festival (BE).

Instanbul Jazz Festival (TR)

Avignon Jazz Festival (FR)

Elbjazz, Enjoy Jazz, Jazz Fest Berlin (D)

Green Hours Jazz Fest, Bucharest Jazz Festival, Jazz TM (RO)

Jazz In The City (A)

Mladi Ladi Jazz (CZ)

Lectures, masterclasses, seminars, workshops:

Bulgarian Rhythms: Past, Present and Future – lecture

2018 – Alumni Week – Prins Claus Conservatorium, Groningen, the Netherlands

2018 – Berklee College of Music, Valencia, Spain

The Mystery of Bulgarian Rhythms – presentation

2018 – Berklee College of Music, Valencia, Spain

2011 – Alumni Week – Conservatory of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2008 – Master Research Presentation, Conservatory of Amsterdam

Jazz – History and Innovations – lecture

2017 – UNESCO International Jazz Day, Sofia, Bulgaria

2016 – National Music School “Lubomir Pipkov”, Sofia, Bulgaria

Tin Men and the Telephone – “Interactive Concerts” – workshop

2016 / 2017/ 2018 – Веrklee College of Music, Valencia, Spain

Tin Men and the Telephone – “Future Sounds in Music” – seminar

2016 / 2017 / 2018 – HKU – Utrecht Conservatory, the Netherlands

Developing rhythm for all musicians – workshop

2017 – Blue Note Culb, Taipei, Taiwan

The Five Qualities of the Perfect Drummer – lecture

2017 – BeBop Cafe, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2017 – Rahnev Music, Sofia, Bulgaria

Jazz Vocalists – lecture

2016 – Imagination Summer Jazz Camp, Sinaia, Romania

2017 – National Music School “Lubomir Pipkov”, Sofia, Bulgaria

Rhythm & Groove – workshops

2015 – Groove Atelier“, Sofia, Bulgaria


Dimitar Liolev Modern Tiny Wind Orchestra “Native” 2022

Jazzanitza “Be-Bop-Hop-Trop” 2022

Ludmil Krumov &The Small Bulgarian Folk Jazz Orchestra “Cultural Collision” 2022

Vasil Hajigrudev “Sextet” 2022

Adi Stoenescu “Waking Light” 2021

Montuno BG “My Burning Heart” 2021

Teodor Petkov Trio “Bake A Biscuit” 2021

Brazz Association “Онзи вятър от първата среща” – музиката на Йосиф Цанков 2020

Zhivko Vasilev “Places” 2020

Dimitar Liolev “Some Story” 2020

Jazzanitza “Live at ARCUB” 2020

Sebastian Burneci “Unspoken” 2018

Lilly Ilieva & Minimum Quartet “No Stars At All” 2018

Tin Men and the Telephone “FURIE” 2018

Jazzanitza “Jazzanitza” 2016

The Bulchemists “Bulchemistry” 2014

Dimitar Liolev “Rhodopology” 2014

Leah Kline “The Precious Life” 2014

Tin Men and the Telephone “Appjenou ?!” 2013

Tin Men and the Telephone “Very Last Christmas” 2012

Renske Taminiau “Move Me” 2011

Tin Men and the Telephone “Moetjenou?” 2010

Nicolas Simion “Transylvanian Jazz” 2009

Tarhana- “Mundus” 2008

Renske Taminiau – “Waiting to be told” 2008

Simon Rain “The Art Of Letting Go” 2007

Sagy Seal “Quest” 2007

Amsterdam Jazz Orchestra – “Finding the way” 2007

Stage Band – “Coming About” 2006

Slang “Blue” 1999